Spanish’s Musical Journey – A story of culture and creativity in Madrid

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Throughout the year, Madrid hosts festivals, parties, concerts and musical events. The Spanish capital receives artists and spectators from around the world, a good opportunity for music lovers to live an unparalleled musical experience. Similarly, there are events for all kinds of music and you can attend other interesting animations. Here, the great musical events that deserve the escape to Madrid.

History of Spanish Music

with Antonio Buitarez

The history of Spanish music has been as diverse and extensive as the history of Spain in general. No other country in Europe can boast such diverse music, the fruit of the different cultures that have settled in Spain in the past.


History of Spanish music: the beginnings

One of the things that make Spain a fascinating country is its mix of cultures that have passed through the territory and that have marked the history and culture of Spain forever. During the first years of Spain’s existence, the characteristics of each culture were mixed at all levels, thus contributing, without a doubt, to the history of Spanish music. The early Romans brought the influences of Greece, the Visigoths the sacred songs of churches and Spanish music flourished considerably under the coexistence between Christians, Muslims and Jews in Spain. When regional music began to develop, the Reconquest put a brake on it as the government banned this type of music.

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