Which bike is the cheapest fatbike ?

Do you feel like going beyond your limits on your bike? With a fatbike you can conquer any terrain! And at Velobecane, good news, you can order a Fatbike for cheap! Your buddy Karl calls you for a ride in the forest. Hop, you grab your bike helmet, you prepare a quick sandwich, you put it in your water bag with a bottle of water… And off you go, here you are on your mountain bike. But the terrain Karl chose is a little too steep for your bike. You get stuck on a path at the top of a hill. Disappointment… Back home, you decide not to let it happen. You head to Velobecane to buy that Fatbike that has been giving you the eye for a long time. The time has come to order it. What’s more, at Velobecane, we have a second hand Fatbike at a very low price! Lovers of thrills and bargains will love this VTC. Rock, sand, earth… It resists everything!

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